Beginning with the End User's License Agreement

When it comes to protecting your Windows PC from malware and viruses, there's no option but to have onboard, an antivirus system that actively monitors your system. People like me, who like to experiment, keep trying trial versions that every security software company out there dishes out. Of course, the lucky ones get paid to review. I don't. But yes I have never really bought a software off my own money. Never felt the need. 

But there are guys like chuzZoo, who are just to scared to compromise their precious data. At least that's what he told me, when he handed this shining new, seal packed, DVD jewel case containing an antivirus and firewall suite, that he had bought off the shelf of an electronics mega store. He wanted me to do the installation and activation stuff and get it running. I didn't have any issues with that for sure. After all, I'd be installing an authentic,  purchased software for the first time in my life. 

So I quickly tore apart whatever packing there was, and mounted the DVD to begin the setup. Suddenly I realised I had to take care of the cookies I had started preparing a while back in the oven. So I quickly started with the setup and handed the laptop to chuzZoo, asking him to press the next button all the time until the installation procedure was done wit, and left for the cooking shelf to look after my cookies. 

When I was thoroughly satisfied with the colour and aroma of my cookies, I switched off the oven and went back to the living room, only to find chuzZoo in one of his trade mark, deep reading modes.  I was hoping it was the manual, because that would have made my job of explaining to him, a lot easier. But, if wishes could be horses... 

Turned out, chuzZoo, had moved on to the next screen only once, when he came across the EULA or The End User Licence Agreemnt, which needed to be accepted, to continue with the installation. And my dutiful friend, made it a point to go read it. Line after line and interestingly, between the lines. 

"You don't need to read it that carefully dude. It's just a simple agreement, they won't usurp your property if you agree.", I chuckled.  

"No, but it's still pretty important. It lowers my expectations off this piece of software quite a lot. I won't expect miracles at least., chuzZoo pointed out, looking at me right into the eyes and making a point, while adjusting his spectacles. 

"Well, that's an interesting observation. I never thought a simple document as the EULA could serve such an important purpose. Innovative to say the least.", there was some real admiration for the guy's keen observation, behind whatever I said then.

"Wouldn't it be nice if every person we meet  came with an EULA too? At least for the first time... Even a generically worded one would do. You know something flashing on that certain someone's forehead or a post it slip popping out of his mouth, like those good old weighing machines at Railway Stations. Just a first hand reminder before any friendship or relationship, cautioning you against expecting too much out of it...", for once, chuzZoo was giving my imagination a run for it's money!

"Why can't you imagine the whole EULA-popping-out scenario dude?", yes, that was agreeably my last shot at trying to gain the upper hand in the conversation. 

"If I had been that good at self cautioning, I wouldn't be me man..." replied chuzZoo. 

And I was left speechless for once. Talk of upper hand... bah!

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Akansha Agrawal said...

Hmm... interesting analogy to begin with... and a nice comparison too.

But... it would take the entire fun out of knowing somebody else,nahi? We won't make any mistakes and not learn anything either... :-s

aZoed said...

@ Akansha:
I don't know about me, but chuzZoo asked for a generically worded EULA. They are all the same you know, just the fact that one pops out at the very beginning of your very first conversation serves as a reminder... what say?

Sometimes you don't want to make any more mistakes... that's when such an EULA will come in handy.

bose said...

waah i guess i know the origin of this article .or rather where the thought content came from ...great work btw ...good that u have started to think wierd ...normla is so very lame :) :P:D

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