I'm Lovin' It

Ever since I'd read Chetan Bhagat's brand of real life inspired fiction, all I had ever dreamt of was to be be a character in one of those new age fantasy novels. Of course, Chetan Bhagat won't adapt figure '0' cartoons for the heck of it and philanthropy is kind of dead in this world....

Or so I thought till I met winZoo. The guy with the crown - My know it all angel. So, although I'm not going to be the subject of a book, I'm going to be the best friend to a new age real life hero. [He's mine for sure, and sooner than later, he'll be yours too.]

By the way, I'm chuZoo. I work for an Indian MNC, thanks to my MBA degree from a lesser known college. My idol is Manmohan Singh and to some extent, Sachin Tendulkar. I love making friends and knowing them inside out. I have a crush on.. err.. that's too much for an introductory meeting. 

That is my real problem according to winZoo. I just don't know how to be discrete and diplomatic. And some other issues here and there which he says he's going to work upon, with me. He'll make me the complete man he says, without my having to buy anything Raymond's. Tell you what... the greatness of the guy is his simplicity and of course sense of humour. 

Me I'm going to be happy as long as I get to hear from you every now and then... do keep saying His and Hellos dear ones. 

God bless you, me and of course winZoo.  

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