Life's Recycle Bin

I opened my door the other day to see a rather sad and perplexed look on chuzZoo's face. I don't usually keep any sorta over the counter medicines with me, so I was hoping that it wasn't a packet of ORS that he was expecting off me. But then I saw his Dell XPS in his hand.

Ah thank God. "Looks like something I can help with.", I said.

"Something only you can help with winJoo bro.", he replied with a cheerful and expecting smile. [Apparently his Gujju genes don't allow him to pronounce Z when needed, so I'm winJoo for him and he's chooJoo for himself. BAH!]

As I opened the laptop panel, I saw a system tray popup up balloon advising the user to free up some space off his windows partition. A rather common problem with users who feed their PCs like affectionate mothers, not knowing obesity could kill the child. Anyways, I got down to work. Removing some useless applications, which included toolbars, media players I hadn't known existed, and of course emptying up a rather overflowing recycle bin.

So I was telling him how to avoid the same thing from recurring. "The shift + del combination keys allow you to send data straight out of your PC, without it entering the recycle bin, so you could use that when you are absolutely sure that you are not going to need the thing again. Keeping your HDD free is as simple as that."

chuzZoo hardly ever pays heed to whatever technical stuff I dish out. So all the while he'd been surfing through my e-scrap book on my PC. "You seem to have a lot off friends winJoo. Do you keep in touch with all of them? Are they all that close? I don't seem to have a single friend close enough..."

He was at it again... I really begin to feel giddy and awkward when innocent guys like him begin pouring out in front of me. But I let him do it, I had to be a good neighbour if nothing else.

And when he was done, I decided it was rime for me to try my hand at helping someone in need. Doing something, even I was amateur at.

"None of the people you see in there are my good friends mate. In fact I can vouch for the fact that I have fewer than you do, and the ones that I have are countable on the fingers of my right hand. [I happen to have an extra thumb :P] But yes, all of them are acquaintances. People I have known at one time, and people I tend to keep in my contacts book. Even if I know that they are the meanest of mongrels I'll ever see. Why? Because the shift + delete option isn't such a good option in the system of life. When you've got infinite storage space, you oughta use it to your advantage. I can ring up any of these when I need and I know four out of the five of them will always help back, some, because they are real good samaritans and others because they know they might need me sooner than later. Life's all about a nicely negotiated barter when you are trying hard to survive it and that's what I do. Shuffle up my life's recycle bin every now and then to find a certain someone to work up a nice barter with."

And then I looked at him. He seemed to be in awe of the guy who'd been speaking like crazy for the past five minutes or so. So was I! What was I up to? Crazy or what? But I soon regained my composure, shut down his laptop and handed it to him saying," Yeah! It's really that simple to be friends with people. You just need to know when to use you shift + delete combination, and trust me, you shouldn't be using it too often."

And he winked for once, as if to say, "I'd been listening attentively, all through mate. Thanks."

And just like that, I had found something new to do in life.

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Avi said...

Written frm the heart... poured out ur soul... a truth you cant shift+del.... keep it up :)

aZoed said...

@ Avi:
I guess I did... thank you for the appreciation.

Ankit Mahanot said...

so true ... :)

waiting for the next post .... eagerly !!!

bose said...

mumbai has brought out the best i would say ...
keep it up ....

Akshay said...

well done winJoo...keep it up....keep reparing the ailing systems as u alwaz do.. :)

Ankit Sabharwal said...

my first lesson ;)

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